About Michael Slee

Zaragoza Pictures started productions in 1991. Under the leadership of Michael Slee, the company has flourished addressing a wide spectrum of projects ranging from development and production of broadcast TV to producing feature films. As the driving force of Zaragoza Pictures, Micheal brings more than twenty-one years of experience. He has been involved in and responsible for, several successful TV series for ESPN (The Woman’s US Pro Ski Tour, Coors Freestyle Tour) along with several broadcast programs (“The Extremist” syn. ABC, “Zoo Life” original syndicated seasons).

Zaragoza Pictures’ most recent program “RUNNING THE DMZ, Korea on the Frontlines” is a ninety-minute special for the History Channel, airing this month. The program takes a hard look at the past 50 years of the De-militarized Zone separating the two Koreas.

Currently airing on HDnet, as part of the “World Report Series,” “Korean… The changes at the DMZ,” a thirty-minute program produced, shot and written by Zaragoza Pictures. Zaragoza Pictures was invited by the 8th Army to exclusively cover the transfer of responsibility at Pan Mun Jum — all of this while the North Koreans looked on, only meters away.

Zaragoza Pictures has many relationships across the world that allows exclusive access to events that most others will never hear about, let alone get to see. Zaragoza Pictures’ motto is “If it’s not on tape… it didn’t happen.” Michael L. Slee

The ability to recognize a compelling story and then visually depict the characters in a dramatic light has always been one of Michael’s strength. With more than twelve years of reality action TV, Michael’s ability as a “run and gun” Director / D.P. in high-speed dangerous situations has contributed to his ability to make fast, accurate story decisions. Because if it’s not on tape… it didn’t happen.”